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Cusper Model

Revolutionize Substance Screening with the CUSPER Model

Accurate, safe, and easy-to-use drug test kits
Leverage our groundbreaking advancement in drug screening and identification. The CUSPER test kit offers a safe, reliable, and user-friendly alternative to outdated and complex tests. With IDenta's patented casing technology and advanced chemistry, the CUSPER provides the most accurate and dependable test kits on the market. Its rugged plastic casing, self-contained closed system, and long shelf life make it ideal for efficient substance detection in any environment.

5 Easy Steps On
How to Use Test


Touch Or Swipe The Probe

Gently touch or swipe the CUSPER probe to the suspect substance or surface that requires testing.


Lock The Probe Into The Reaction Chamber

Once you have collected the sample, securely lock the probe into the reaction chamber of the CUSPER unit.


Squeeze The Reagent Capsules

On the back of the CUSPER unit, locate the reagent capsules and squeeze them to release the necessary reagents for testing.


Gently Shake The Unit

After squeezing the reagent capsules, gently shake the CUSPER unit to initiate the reaction between the sample and the reagents.


Observe The Color Change

As the reaction takes place, carefully observe any color change that occurs within the reaction chamber. A color change indicates the presumed presence of the substance with extreme accuracy.



Designed to test visible materials such as tablets or substances.


Ideal for sampling suspected surfaces or liquids.

CUSPER Sniffer

Works with the AeroChamber to test large surfaces, luggages, containers and more.

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