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About Us

Company Profile

IDenta was established by Mr. Baruch Glattstein, a chief scientist who leveraged his expertise in forensic science to develop the company's groundbreaking products. He retired as a Chief Superintendent while serving as a Research and Development (R&D) officer in the chemistry section of the Forensic Science Division of the Israeli Police. Mr. Glattstein's remarkable contributions as a leading researcher and developer in the field of forensic science have earned him an international reputation for his versatility and success.

IDenta Corporation (OTCQB; IDTA) is a leading detection and forensic science company that uses the latest in science and technology to provide solutions to law enforcement, military, government agencies, and other organizations dealing with the demanding and challenging fight against illicit drugs and global terrorist threats.

We lead the industry with the latest in on-the-spot field-testing kits for identifying illicit drugs, precursors of drugs and explosives, and a bullet hole testing kit. The latest Revolution of IDenta’s R&D section is a Portable Sniffer that collects and identifies suspected particles on surfaces of any size anywhere.

IDenta’s products are used by law enforcement agencies around the globe, including: USA, United Nations, DEA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Israel, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Australia, Canada and many others. The company also supplies leading military agencies operating in challenging conditions with customized rugged solutions.

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