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When You Need to Know

Your Partner for Chemical Detection Equipment and Screening Solution

General Screening

General Screening Drugs

30 Types in 1 Test

Identa Corp.

General Screening Explosives

21 Types in 1 Test

Identa Corp.

Fentanyl Detection

Identa Corp.

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Trusted Worldwide

Breakthrough Solutions For Unmatched Performance And Precision

Boasting more than 100 years of combined experience in the field of forensic detection and forensic science. IDenta's drug identification kits provide reliable and accurate results that meet strict standards and ensure safety and user-friendliness.

Setting the Standard for Reliable Detection and Forensic Test Solution

Established in 2002, IDenta is a world-leading provider of innovative solutions for law enforcement, military, government agencies, and other organizations to detect illicit drugs and explosives. We are the preferred choice for chemical detection equipment and forensic science solutions worldwide, providing our customers with adaptable, regulatory-compliant, and user-friendly collection methods for a wide range of products. With our decades of expertise, commitment to excellence, and customer satisfaction, we strive only to provide your organization with the most efficient and effective detection and forensic test solutions.

Top Safety

the user is safe and not exposed while activating the test in a closed device

User Friendly

and requires minimal training to operate effectively

Easy Collection

methods for samples to simplify the collection process

Wide Selection Of Green Products

to cater to various needs and applications

Patented Technologies

technologies and processes used in screening solutions

Advanced Chemistry

used to create cutting-edge formulations and forensic detection methods

No Exposure

for a clean and safe testing experience for users

Immediate Results

to cater to various needs and applications

3-Year Warranty

to guarantee the quality and durability of our products

No Storage Limit

allows for extensive record-keeping and analysis

Rigid Casing

to ensure the durability and protection of the product even in challenging environments

What Our Community Says

By using the IDenta's Drug Test kit, police officers can quickly identify potential drug use and enforce the law more effectively, contributing to safer communities and roadways. I trust this product as a valuable tool in our efforts to combat drug-related issues and ensure public safety.

Police Officer

Italian Police

During our activities, we came across a variety of unknown powders. IDenta’s general testing kits have helped us in so many cases to allay concerns and handle the incident in the best possible way. The kit is very simple to operate and worth any price.

First Response Agent

UK Fire Team

The IDenta test kit is a state-of-the-art handheld device, designed to identify a wide range of explosives and hazardous materials rapidly and accurately. Its colorimetric test kit capabilities allow it to detect and analyze trace amounts of explosive compounds in various forms, including solid, liquid and powders. Highly recommended!

Military Forces

US Army

Introducing Our New Company Application!

We are proud to present an application designed to make your interactions with us more seamless and convenient. This application has been tailored with features and functionalities that cater to your needs and preferences.


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