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Phenolphthalein Blood Detection Kit

Revolutionizing Blood Detection with PBDK - Blood Testing Kit

Advanced solution for accurate and efficient blood detection on various surfaces

Powered by IDenta's patented technology and advanced chemistry, this kit provides the most reliable and accurate blood testing solution on the market. Trusted by law enforcement agencies, army personnel, border control, airports, prisons, and more worldwide, PBDK offers a major breakthrough in blood detection technology that meets IDenta’s strict professional identifiaction kit standards. Using the Kastle-Meyer Phenolphthalein test, the PBDK offers a highly sensitive and practical method for testing suspected blood at crime scenes.

5 Easy Steps On
How to Use Test

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Designed to test visible materials such as tablets or substances.


Ideal for sampling suspected surfaces or liquids.

CUSPER Sniffer

Works with the AeroChamber to test large surfaces, luggages, containers and more.

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