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Cusper Model

 Trusted Solution for Explosive Detection and Identification

Breakthrough field tests for immediate and accurate results

IDenta's Cusper Model offers a breakthrough in field tests for explosive substances and trace residues. These safe, easy-to-use, and rugged kits are non-sensitive to extreme temperatures, enabling reliable detection of 99% of explosives on the FBI Threat List. The Cusper Model provides immediate, clear results upon contact with specific explosive substances, ensuring crucial information is obtained in real-time. Combined with the AeroChamber, it allows for testing large areas, surfaces, vehicles, luggage, or persons, making it an invaluable tool for enhancing security protocols.

5 Easy Steps On
How to Use Test


Remove the SWIPPER™ Cap 1 from the test unit, ensuring the test tube remains upright to prevent the ampule from falling out.


Sample the suspected substance using the SWIPPER™ Cap.


Securely return the SWIPPER™ Cap to the test tube, ensuring a firm press and proper attachment of the green O-Ring.


Squeeze the test tube between your thumb and forefinger until the ampule breaks.


Gently shake the test up and down to ensure the liquid touches the Cap and observe the immediate appearance of a color change within the reaction chamber, indicating the presence or absence of specific drugs.



Designed to test visible materials such as tablets or substances.


Ideal for sampling suspected surfaces or liquids.

CUSPER Sniffer

Works with the AeroChamber to test large surfaces, luggages, containers and more.

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