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About us


IDenta Corporation (OTCQB;IDTA) is a leading detection and forensic science company. We use the latest in science and technology to provide solutions to law enforcement, military, government agencies and other organizations dealing with the demanding and constantly changing challenges of fighting illicit drugs and terrorist threats globally.

IDenta leads the industry with the latest in on-the-spot field-testing kits for the identification of illicit drugs, precursors of drugs and explosives, as well as a bullet hole testing kit. The latest Revolution of IDenta’s R&D section is a Portable Sniffer that collects and identifies suspected particles on surfaces of any size anywhere.

IDenta’s products are used by law enforcement agencies around the globe, including: USA, United Nations, DEA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Israel, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Nigeria, Canada and many others. The company also supplies leading military agencies, operating in challenging conditions, customized rugged solutions.

IDenta was founded by Mr. Baruch Glattstein – Chief Scientist. IDenta’s innovative products are based on the high level of expertise in forensic science provided by Mr. Baruch Glattstein. He is retired from the Forensic Science Division of the Israeli Police with the rank of Chief Superintendent as a Research and Development (R&D) officer in the chemistry section. Mr. Glattstein has an international reputation for his versatility and success as a top researcher and developer in the field of forensic science.


IDenta is manufacturing and sell the following products:

IDenta for Drugs – Colorimetric Drug detection kits for all kind of illicit drugs,designed for law enforcement.

IDenta Touch&Know – Drugs detectors aimed for the retail-consumer market: Concerned Parents, School Administrators, Working place and Human Resource.

IDenta for Precursors of Drugs – “Drug Precursors” are chemical substances frequently used
to manufacture illicit drugs. Having wide legitimate uses, drug precursors may be extremely
dangerous when diverted from the licit distribution channels for the illicit manufacturing of drugs.

IDenta for Explosives – Explosives detectors for all known explosives.

BTK (Bullet-hole Testing Kit) – The identification of bullet holes and of marks produced by projectiles may be very important in the investigation of criminal cases involving the use of firearms.

FerroPrint  – The Ferroprint test is based on the development of invisible iron impressions on the hand of the suspect. When investigating crimes involving the use of firearms, the forensic scientist is often asked to demonstrate a link between a suspect and a weapon.

PBDK (Blood Testing Kit) – The PBDK (Blood Detection Kit) with its sensitive, simple, rapid, precise and reliable operation, revolutionizes detection of blood on various surfaces. It is the most practical method for testing for suspected bloods at crime scenes.

Potable Sniffer – The Revolution – “Sniff & Know” – A fast collection and detection system for suspected particles on surfaces everywhere. IDenta Corp. has rapidly become recognized as a world leader in the development of forensic field testing kits. The only company in the world that can offer a complete solution to the people in the field for small and large surfaces, any time, everywhere. IDenta Corp. detectors are the most reliable, accurate and safety detection kits on the market. The kits are easy and simple to use, environmentally and patented.

We continually research and develop additional forensic solutions all the time.

What Makes Us Different?

Green Product
No Exposure
Advanced Chemistry
Wide Selection
Immediate Results
No Mess
Completely Safe
Easy Collection
Extremely Accurate
User Friendly
3 Year Warranty
Substance & Trace
No storage Limit
Rigid Casing